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Lastest versions available: VCDEasy v3.1.0 / Audio2VCD 2.0.0

VCDEasy is a VideoCD authoring software

VCDEasy is a VideoCDs (VCD/SVCD) authoring tool that allows you to play/watch your videos (from DV camcorder, DivX, DVD,...), your pictures (from digital camera, scanner,...) and your audio files (music, audio comments,...) directly on most of the home DVD players, without having to buy a DVD Writer and DVD discs. A VideoCD ("Video Compact Disc") is stored on a CD (CD-R or CD-RW)... a cheap way to make DVD-like discs at home!
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What is VCDEasy ?
Audio2VCD is a MPEG audio encoder

Specially designed for the VCDEasy users, Audio2VCD lets you convert your audio files into the MPEG Audio format required by the VideoCDs (VCD and SVCD) (WAV is also available as output format).

Coupled with VCDEasy, Audio2VCD allows you to create AudioVCDs (more than 4 hours of music with CD quality one one CD-R disc, up to 12 hours with good quality), and multimedia VideoCDs with mixed audio files, pictures and videos.
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What is VCDEasy ?
Online Secure Purchase
Free Lifetime Upgrades!
What is VCDEasy ?
Online Secure Purchase
Free Lifetime Upgrades!

To help you, if needed, many guides are freely available on this web site.

Latest News:

Softonic- E-Commerce system disconnected

Friday, August 27 2010

Softonic, one of the solution you can use to buy a licence of VCDEasy, will be disconnected in September.
But you can still use Paypal, ShareIT or Regnow! See the "Buy Now" page for more information.
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Happy New Year 2010!

Saturday, January 09 2010

Happy New Year! We wish best wishes, health and happyness to everybody for this new year 2010!
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