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Highly recommended guides
NewHow to start with VCDEasy (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewHow to make a Photos VideoCD (DVD quality) (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewHow to create a pictures VideoCD with transitions and continuous background music (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewHow to Cut/Join MPEG video files (with TMPGEnc) (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
Advanced (S)VCD authoring guides
The best (quality and compliance) method to backup a DVD to a VCD/SVCD (v1.1.7.2) English
How To Make a Still Pictures VideoCD With Menu (part 1) (v1.1.6) English
VCDEasy's Interactivity page usage example English
NewThe VCD-Header trick (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancaisDutch
How to solve some problems related to the CD burning (CD writer support/detection, ...)
  These guides are useless for you if you do not have a CD burning problem:

How to burn CUE/BIN files (v1.1.6) EnglishFrancais
How to burn with a Virtual CD drive (v1.1.6) EnglishFrancaisDutch
NewHow to install ASPI drivers for VCDEasy (this is not required on Windows NT/2000/XP since VCDEasy 2) (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewWhat do to if you have the "Winaspi.dll not found" message (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewA CD writer (or reader) is not detected (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais
NewWhat do to if you have the "CDRDAO disabled because of unknown ASPI Drivers" message (v2.0.x) EnglishFrancais